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Dads Dreams During Pregnancy

Have you dreamt about sleeping with someone besides your partner? Maybe you’re concerned that pregnancy will spoil your sex life.

Dreams During Pregnancy Part 1 (Introduction)

During pregnancy women may find that they are much more vulnerable to certain fears and concerns. Pregnant women are frequently more anxious about the likelihood of bodily harm

Dreams During Pregnancy Part 2 (First Trimester)

Early pregnancy dreams are frequently about the pregnant woman’s past. Childhood homes and old lovers are often the theme.

Dreams During Pregnancy Part 3 (Second Trimester)

During this part of the pregnancy is when the woman begins to get a sense of the baby as a real person, and the bonding process begins between the mother to be and unborn child.

Dreams During Pregnancy Part 4 (Third Trimester)

Third Trimester Dreams: In the third trimester, there are more specific dreams about the baby, a baby may tell the mother their name in a dream or a woman may dream about the baby’s sex.

Dreams During Pregnancy Part 5 (Nightmares)

Many women seem to experience a large amount of nightmares during their pregnancy, but are this normal? According to many OBGYN doctors is it very normal.

Water Dreams

Water frequently shows up in our dreams and can have many different meanings depending on its form, clarity, etc. Water is the living essence of the psyche and the flow of life energy.

Recurring and Progressing Dream

If you have ever had a dream that kept returning sometimes night after night, then you were experiencing what is known as a recurring dream. This type of dream is actually fairly common. These dreams are communications from our inner self to our outer self as is the case with most dreams

Spider Dreams

Seeing a spider in your dream symbolizes that you feel like an outsider in some situation. Or that you might want to maintain your distance from an appealing and tempting situation.

Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 6) Supplement LDS

LaBerge filed for a patent application in December 2004 that outlined the basic technique of boosting Acetylcholine levels to promote lucid dreaming.

Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 5) Technique

A technique developed by psychologist Stephen Wack of remembering to think about lucid dreaming before you fall sleep is to have a key component that will permit your memory to flashback to the thought of lucid dreaming This could be as simple as a sign taped to your wall that says ‘lucid’ or any other kind of reminder. This will allow the sleeper to participate in the daydreaming of lucid dreaming while entering into REM, steadily increasing the likeliness of achieving lucid dreaming

Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 3) Obstacles

One of the biggest problem people have that are wishing to experience lucid dreams is premature awakening. This premature awakening can be frustrating after spending considerable time into achieving lucidity in the first place.

Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 2) Dream Recall

Dream recall is merely the capability of remembering your dreams.

Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 1) Introduction

How long it takes for you to learn Lucid Dreaming depends on how good your dream recall is, how motivated you are, what techniques you are using, and how many hours you sleep each night.