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Dreams of Treasure

Searching for treasure is often about journey and life’s knowledge as much as it is about a desire for cash. You may have extremely real financial requirements that motivate this dream. The treasure might be sign for idea and understanding that you pursue to acquire in waking life.

Emotions Run Deep In Ocean Dreams

So if the ocean is a metaphor in your dreams that symbolizing your emotional state of mind. It only stands to reason that if the Ocean is calm then all is well, you are in tune with your emotions and spirituality, but If the ocean is rough, then it symbolizes some emotional chaos, so it is safe to say dreaming of the ocean when it is tranquil is always encouraging.

Mountains Have Big Meaning in Your Dreams

Do you have to be grounded in life now? Interpreting your dreams of mountains may reveal insight to your personality or issues in your waking life that needs to be addressed ultimately providing just the grounding you require.

Music Can Affect Your Dreams

Music could affect your sleep. You’d be amazed at the things they’ve discovered about sleep learning. When you’re asleep, your thoughts are open to whatever is playing. When you go to sleep, you ought to adopt enjoyable thoughts to assist you producing pleasurable dreams. There have been times when I’ve gone to bed pressured regarding something during my waking life only to dream about it all night long so I believe when it’s soft tranquil music you get relaxed and you will certainly dream of more pleasant things yet If you drop off to sleep with a horror movie on you might have bad dreams. Your subconscious grabs that there is a degree of fact in there somewhere. Music could have a wonderful impact on dreams.

The Moon in Your Dreams

Although the moon has not had boundless prominence in the history of religion, the worship of it has been known since earliest recorded time—in the oldest literatures of Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China—and still exists today in various parts of the world, particularly among certain African and Native American groups. Moon worship is founded on the belief that the phases of the moon and the growth and decline of plant, animal, and human life are related.

Lucid Dreaming Is Awesome

Lucid dreams are different from normal dreaming. The technique involved with lucid dreaming is to be conscious that you are in a dream state rather than just letting your dreams happen as and when they feel like it. There are a number of lucid dreaming techniques that you can use to help this to happen: