Mutual Psychic Dreams

Psychic Dreams or Dream Telepathy can be divided into two basic types’ precognitive dreams and mutual or telepathic dreams.

A precognitive dream is a dream of event yet to happen basically a dream that foretells the future. I have covered precognitive dreams in some of my previous articles so what I want to concentrate here is the mutual dream.

In most dreams, we assume that the fictional characters are creations of our mind; they have no real identity of their own. But in mutual dreams, a character does exist independently.

A mutual or telepathic dream is a dream in which two people experience a dream together. The dream may possess similar elements such as the same setting or activity or they may be identical in virtually every aspect. A mutual dream is also referred to as a shared dream or reciprocal dream.


Mutual or telepathic dreams involve an objective dreamscape. We usually believe that dreams occur within an individual’s mind, involving a fictitious dreamscape, but mutual dreams seemingly occur in an actual location where the two dreamers can interact

In psychic dreams there is a natural tendency to dream about someone who has stimulated or annoyed us during waking hours. Therefore in our dreams, we create scenarios where we can confront images of that person, and attempt to resolve the issue. In most cases, the other person is similarly stimulated, so he or she is most likely dreaming about us as well. Mutual dreams take this tendency to the next step; instead of dreaming separately about one another, we are dreaming together.

Have you ever had a dream that you were talking to someone you know and have them call the next day and say that they were thinking about you. Well you most likely had a telepathic dream.

The ability to have psychic or telepathic dreams is a power that is not hard to develop according to some psychics. Likely you have had lucid dreams before, but your ability to control your dreaming goes much deeper than you might realize. You can develop your powers for telepathic dreams, which will allow you to send messages and even interact with someone while you are asleep. Here is a little technique that can assist you in developing your ability to have mutual or telepathy dreams.

First place a picture frame with a blank sheet of blue paper in the middle of wall in front of your bed turn the lights off and lite a candle.

Now while lying in bed and when you think the receiver you will be sending messages to, is likely asleep as well, go to that theta state, a semi-conscious state of mind, which will allow you to access your psychic abilities more easily. Once you become extremely relaxed gaze into the picture frame and try to visualize the receiver and yourself in the frame as though you were on TV. Concentrate on your interaction with the receiver till you can visualize the interaction, then snuff out the candle and go to sleep while still concentrating the visualized interaction, when your dreams become lucid replay the interaction of your earlier visualization. When you see that person again try asking some probing questions to see if you message was received.

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