Dream Symbols That Represent Stress

Has the stress in your waking life overflowed into your dreams? A little bit of stress in our everyday lives is normal. But sometimes it becomes such a regular occurrence in our lives that it influences our dreams and causes us to lose valuable sleep. Understanding our dreams is the key to identifying and ending stress in our waking hours and restoring peace and restfulness to our nighttime hours. These types of dreams usually keep reoccurring until the situation in our waking hours has been addressed.


The following dream symbols are indicators that you may have some form of stressful situation in your waking hours that you need to address.

Dreaming that you’re nude in public foretells scandal and unwise engagements.

Dreaming about being naked shows you’re feeling vulnerable or shameful. You could be feeling inferior at work, or feel unguarded or exposed in a situation.

Dreaming of a storm symbolizes an internal storm in your life.

Storms signify “overwhelming struggle, shock, devastating loss, and catastrophe in your personal affairs.”

Storms in dreams mean continued sickness, unfavorable business, and separation from friends—all things that will cause great distress. The good news is if the storm passes before you wake up, the stress won’t be as bad.

Dreams of crashes—airplane, car, train, or otherwise—represent deep anxieties and fears. Many people fear these dreams are premonitions, but most likely they aren’t. Crashes can represent a feeling that your life is headed for disaster. Are you pushing yourself too hard? Are you feeling out of control? That out of control feeling may manifest itself in your dreams.

If you dream of an airplane crash, you may have set high and unrealistic goals for yourself. Car crashes represent a shocking situation or a painful experience.

Dreaming of hell shows that you’re suffering from an inescapable situation. You may have many inner fears and repressed guilty feelings. On the other hand, if you dream of fire, but not necessarily in hell, it symbolizes destruction, passion, desire, illumination, transformation, enlightenment, or anger.

Dream experts say dreaming of death is merely symbolic and there’s no need to be afraid it’s a sign of things to come.

Death dreams often mean the beginning of suspense or trials in your life.

They can also show forthcoming finalities, like the end of a marriage or a career.

Bugs in our dreams—ants, spiders, moths, gnats, flies—could mean a number of things.

Bugs are an indication that a “disgustingly revolting complication” will arise in your daily life.

To dream of bugs suggests you are worried about something and are filled with anxieties and fears. Alternatively the bugs may represent your sexual thoughts.

Dreaming of a cat foretells misfortune and bad luck. Alternatively if  you’re a devout cat lover, and then it represents creativity, independence, and power.
Killing the cat or drive it from your sight in your dream, your luck will turn around; you’ll overcome great obstacles and your fortunes will rise. But if you dream of a cat or a snake being friendly, watch out—an angry struggle is around the corner.

Losing Teeth:
Losing teeth signifies burdens that crush your pride. If your teeth are knocked out, you’ll have sudden misfortune. Decayed or snagged teeth mean business or health struggles. Alternatively dreams about lost teeth are that the dreamer is feeling powerless in life and may be in a transitional period from one phase of life to another.

Some experts say losing our teeth in a dream parallels the time in our lives when we lost our milk teeth and childhood innocence; these experts believe that dreams of losing teeth today show we’re just as insecure and uncertain as we were in infanthood.

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