Lucid Precognitive Dreams

Recently a fellow colleague brought to my attention that while I have articles on lucid and precognitive dreams I had no articles on lucid precognitive dreams. My colleague reveled to me that they experienced just such a dream where the events of the dream had unfolded during the waking day just as they had in their dream. This intrigued me so I decided to do some research on the topic.

Before proceeding we must understand what lucid and precognitive dreams are. A lucid dream is a waking dream where the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming. In this dreaming state the dreamer has the ability to control the dream experience. A precognitive dream is a dream of things that are yet to happen. This being said one would believe that in a lucid precognitive dream the dreamer could control how future event would unfold in their waking life.

 There are two basic types of lucid precognitive dreams: active and ambient. Active lucid precognitive dreams are ones in which the lucid dreamer actively engages the dream objects or characters therefore influencing the precognitive response. While ambient lucid precognitive dreams are ones in which the lucid dream contains a precognitive element that was not actively sought by the dreamer, this being more of a mixture of lucid dreaming and standard precognitive dreaming.

 To better understand this dream type we should explore alternative explanations to the events experienced. First I would question if this was a lucid precognitive dream or a false awaking dream.

 A false awaking dream is a dream were the dreamer dreams that they have already performed events that would normally take place in their waking day. For example say that you went to bed concerned about a parent teacher meeting that you needed to attend, and you ended up dreaming about it and its outcome. The next day during the course of the meeting you experience a form of déjà vu where the parts of your brain the hold recent events and memories become confused and lead you to believe that the event are just as you had dreamt them earlier.

 Alternatively if this is actually a precognitive type of dream, was it a lucid experience or in fact an Astral Projection an out of body experience. I say this because many astral travelers believe that the state of lucid dreaming is a perfect medium for astral projection. In astral projection or out of body experience the astral traveler can travel forward and backward it time reviewing past life experiences or receiving enlightenment of future events.

 These alternative explanations are why I always implore our readers to keep good detailed dream journals. It is very important to record your dream as soon as you awake so that you do not forget any important events or symbols. I recommend keeping an inexpensive digital recorder next to the bed so that you can dictate your dream for later. Just remember that as with any good scientific investigation the proof is in the documentation.

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  1. Fellow Colleague says:

    Thank you for this topic! When I expierienced these dreams they were definitely the ambient lucid precognitive dream type. For me, when a dream turns lucid that is my cue that everything that I have dreamt prior to turning lucid is the precognitive portion of the dream. I will never forget these dreams because they have had such an impact on my life over the years. When you expierience this first hand it really makes you think about how we are connected to other people. I like to say that I’m a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. When you think of it from that perspective it really opens up your mind to the possibilites.

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