Are Past Life Memories Encoded In Our DNA

When I was in junior high school I had a dream one night that I was French kissing a girl at a dance. Now mind you this was in the early sixties and I live in a very conservative family. I had never heard of this type of kissing until after the dream when I asked an older boy I knew and he laughed at me for not knowing. Was this some type of instinctive primitive mating instinct surfacing as I came into puberty or a pleasant memory passed down by some distant ancestor buried in my DNA?

We all know that many other species of life have instinctive knowledge that permits them to survive. Like the spider, its parents are gone when it is born but it knows how to weave a very intricate web to trap food. The turtle is born on land but knows to head to the sea. How is this knowledge handed down form the parent to the offspring unless through memories encoded in the DMA that passed from generation to generation?

When I was around 20 I had another dream, I dreamt that I was boy who worked in a coal mine and I barely escaped with my life after an explosion in the mine. I never gave it much thought until a few years back when I was working on my genealogy and found that many of my ancestors on my mother’s side had work in the coal mines and many of them were young boys from age 12 and up. This was interesting in own, but in preparation for this article I did some further investigation and found that two of my ancestors that worked in the mines lived in an area where several mines had reported cave-ins as well as explosions during their life time. Dose this explain my fear of dark tight places?

Once again my family was not one to talk about my ancestry; I just assumed that there were some dark secrets that the family felt better left alone. The fact is I never knew of anyone beyond my grandparents before I started working on my genealogy. So is this a coincident or did I have a glimpse of a past life experience of one of my ancestors encoded in my DNA and passed down through the generations.

Our body is composed of trillions of cells each of this cells contain our DNA. Currently, functions of only 46 Chromosomes, 23 pairs identified out of billions, about 2%, and the remaining 98% has been up until lately labeled as “junk”. The most in-depth knowledge is about the genes responsible for the bodily structures, the structure genes, which is the simplest part of the system. But the knowledge about the more important part of this system, the regulator genes, is incomplete. The genetic code language of these genes is only partially known. More than 98 percent of all DNA labeled Junk DNA because molecular biologists were unable to attribute any function to it. They assumed that it was just “molecular garbage “. If this were the case the syllables sequence, i.e. the nucleotides in DNA would be completely random. However this is not the case genetic research has found that the sequence is not random at all and has a striking resemblance with the structure of human language therefore, scientists now generally agree that this DNA must contain coded information. However the code and its role are still to date completely unknown.

We all know that portions of the 23 pairs of Chromosomes which have identified functions, control the color of our eyes, hair and the general features that make each of unique. It has also been established that these features can skip a generation or more. I know that my son looks nothing like me but looks just like his grandfather. So what about the ability to understand complex math problems or play an instrument?

While there is no genetic proof, genetic researchers believe that our IQ, aptitudes, musical skills, and athletic ability are all highly affected by our DNA. Psychologists have also shown that certain social traits and psychological disorders can be inherited. So my question is; are these attributes not all function of the brain if so for humans, with our fairly complex brain, feelings and memories, what other experiences are stored in our DNA throughout the many generations of our ancestor’s lives? And, can they be accessed by us today?

To answer this question I would urge you to conduct your own personal research and to find out for yourself, research your genealogy maybe all we need to do is listen to our inner DNA to reincarnate the experiences of our ancestors. Their lives, joys and fears are within us. In that way, they are with us always.

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