Past Life Dreams or karmic dreaming

Do you have vivid dreams, of a life that is not that of your waking life, maybe you where someone else or living sometime in the past, but yet it all seemed very familiar? This type of dream is referred to as a Past Life Dream or Karmic Dream. Millions of people have reported past life memories, many of these in dreams.

When you find yourself dreaming about historical people, places, and things that is the surest sign you are in the process of tapping into your past lives. You may see yourself as other than we are during our waking hours. Meaning that in dreams we see someone who we know to be ourselves, but maybe a different gender or race.

In Past Life Dreams, we are not able to change the sequences of events no matter how hard we try. Just as the events in the past life cannot be changed, neither can the replay of those events in your dream be changed. Our minds do register the logical sequence of events in our dreams but are unable to alter them because they are replays of past.

Past life or Karmic dreams can give you insight to who you were in a past life and can also give you clues to why certain skills come easy, or an uncontrolled fear of something.

Our past life personality may displays learning, talents, skills, and abilities that we have not acquired in our life. In our Past Life Dream we might have the ability to speak and understand a foreign language or be able to solve complex mathematical problems.

Often after we have had a Past Life Dream, we begin to spontaneously use those dreamed talents in our waking lives. In fact, when we just know how to do things we have never been formally taught, we are remembering what we have already learned in one or more past lives.

So are Past Life Dreams just dreams or are they memories of past life experiences that are buried deep within the recesses of our mind?

When the mind is unencumbered by the processing of information during our conscious life, it has access to astonishing amounts of information that we are unaware of during our awaking life, this is called the collective unconscious or quantum consciousness.

While there is no scientific proof that these dreams are glimpses into our possible Past Life, there is a lot of reason for further investigation of this interesting and complex phenomenon.

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