Sleep Paralysis Cures Fact or Fiction

Sleep paralysis is just one of those conditions that are easily overlooked, unless you have experienced it. Suffering recurring attacks of this condition, waking up feeling weak and tired over a period of time does take its toll and will without a doubt leave you looking for a cure.

Some of the medical community has narrow down sleep paralysis as a neurological condition that is psychological in nature. What they are saying is it is all in your head and there is nothing physically wrong with you. If you have ever experienced sleep paralysis you would know that it’s more than just your mind playing tricks on you and there must be something available to help avoid or to stop sleep paralysis from affecting you.

Before answering the question is there a cure, we should investigate what sleep paralysis is, why we have sleep paralysis and what causes it. 

Like everything else with our bodies sleep paralysis has a useful function in our dream cycle. Some of our dreams can be quite frightening. It’s very fortunate that the mind and the body understand this so we can sleep through a dream without physically acting it out. You can only image dreaming that you where jumping out of a window and being able to act that dream out. Our mind causes muscle paralysis while we are dreaming to prevent this from happening.

The normal process of waking up is a slow process. Although if it happens that you are suddenly awoken in the middle of REM sleep, then there is a lag between the body and the brains response. Sleep paralysis occurs when you are partially conscious and you try and react to things that are occurring in a dream.

Now this all being said how about the answer to the original question, is there a cure for sleep paralysis? If you are looking for medicine or some form of prescribed drug the answer is no! While there are drugs on the market that may help some people that suffer from sleep paralysis they do not necessarily cure it or even prevent it from occurring for every episode. The most effective way of approaching this problem is simply by preventive measures.

There are numerous things and behaviors that are known to cause sleep paralysis. Basically it is anything that will disrupt your normal sleep routine and cause you to suddenly awaken during REM. Two of the most common disturbances of our sleep are light and sound. Try sleeping in a dark room or wearing a sleep mask. Avoid sleeping in areas that are prone to sudden noises. Maintain a regular sleep schedule. Things like caffeine, alcohol and tobacco should be avoided at night times.

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