Hunted House Dream Examples

 Dream Example 1:

The house is almost the same in every single dream. It is a huge mansion, with many undiscovered rooms. The house is made of very beautiful shiny dark wood especially the main staircase and the flourier. The doors to the house are huge. They are never allowed to be opened in my dreams. I don’t even try to open them because I know that it will anger the ghosts. I do know that there is a terrible storm outside, and if I did leave the house, I would not get far. Last night I had this dream. IN the dream there was a serious of events going on. There was a wedding, and a funeral

I notice that there are a lot of stairs in the house. There are also a series of rooms that I do not dare enter. All the rooms are haunted, and the nicest rooms in the house. When I have guests over I have to keep them from going in any of the rooms as well, or the ghosts will get angry.


The Dream is recurring because we don’t yet understand the message. But when you understand the message: the nightmares will stop.

Let us start with the house. A house that you dream of will tend to represent you, in the sense that a house is where you live, so a dream house is where your unconscious mind lives.  The unexplored areas, the beautiful rooms, even the people who dwell in the house all represent you on a very basic level. Even the wedding and the funeral, though they are not yours but they touch upon you in some way, the funeral probably representing the death of some ideas, and the wedding joining of others.

But if your house is haunted in dreams, what is haunting you in your waking life. Their main concern seems to be to keep you from exploring certain parts of the house, as well as preventing you from leaving it. This kind of no-win, binding situation usually stems from an outside influence. Authority figures are most commonly to blame for putting these kinds of ghosts in our heads, in the form of guilt.

The ideas I’m about to present come largely from a book called “Creative Dreaming”, by Patricia Garfield. It’s an exercise to try to take control of your dreams, at least enough control to overcome your fear and get a little more information on what’s bothering you.

Select a doorway that you can get to every day, and call it the forbidden doorway in your dream. Spend a minute or two trying to convince yourself of this, and then force yourself to open the door and walk through. Do this at least once a day, preferably more often. The purpose behind this exercise should become clear before long; you are conditioning yourself to overcome the fear associated with angering the ghosts. Eventually you should be able to break this barrier in your dreams.  

I won’t lie; this will still be scary at first. You don’t’ know what to expect when you go through that door.  But you must believe that you can handle it. Dream enemies are also a part of yourself, and they can actually become allies once you get over your fear of them.

Dream example 2

I am in a huge and beautiful old mansion. It is immaculate and in very good condition. The problem is I know that the house is haunted. I can’t believe we are moving into this place, but know it is temporary.

I dread the upper bedrooms. I know that the “red” room is haunted, but we don’t really have to use it. The downstairs blue master bedroom is also haunted and has the most enormous closet and bathroom and is wonderful, but I will NOT use the room.

The occurrences finally happen in the kitchen. The room is swirling with invisible demons, and they press against me, trying to kill me, and I am finally able to ask Jesus to help me. He does, and the evil must leave us alone, but I know that I need to leave, and only have enough time to get out. I try to gather my children and leave, but doors slam in my face, and someone is always missing, and I have to search the house, facing the terror, and finally we get out of the house, or I wake up terrified.


Carl Jung talked about recurring dreams he had in which he would discover parts of his house that he didn’t know existed. In that dream the house represented his personality and the new things he discovered in the house related to new developments in his work.

Houses in dreams usually represent parts of ourselves. It is important that you think about what the symbols in this dream represent to you. I will give you one interpretation but I caution you, this does not mean that it is correct because only you know what these symbols really mean.

Your image of yourself is beautiful, immaculate and in very good shape. There might be parts of yourself that frighten you or haunt you. The red room could represent anger or danger. You might be afraid of your own anger and know you ‘really don’t have to use it’.

What does blue represent to you? It seems to be a large part of you that you view as wonderful. Unfortunately you are frightened or haunted by it and will ‘NOT’ use the room.

The kitchen might represent your core personality; kitchens tend to have a lot of activity and creativity going on. In your core, the scary parts are pressing in, demanding expression? You fear they will kill you. If you acknowledge them, will they destroy an image you have of yourself?

Jesus might represent the good and pure savior in you. This good part of you can save you, but you feel you must still leave the house to be safe. Does this mean you must leave your true self to be safe? You find it difficult to leave the house, if it does represent yourself; it is understandable why it is difficult to leave. Are there parts of yourself that seek expression? They seem to be parts you feel are wonderful but for some reason you fear them.

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  1. tszss says:

    Amazing article. Thanks for info

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  3. pintopintobean says:

    I have a recurrent haunted house dream but I think mine is because I experienced something in one. I don’t care what anyone says, but I know for a fact an evil presence was in the house and my mom and grandfather also experienced it. I was 10 and am now 35 and the experience just won’t leave me.

  4. Alex says:

    Question to see if u can interpret my dream, my dream was I was in a house with an old couple at times I embodied both of these people and reacted as if I was them as well as a boy who is not me but it feels like me maybe my younger self and whom I don’t embody after a certain point, we were in a house that the older gentalmen kept calling a mansion but it was more so a big house that was worth at least a half mill,at this point I embodied the boy, as we explored the house the older lady kept saying there was so much we had to fix we looked in the garage the garage door didn’t have a motor to retract and wasn’t sealed he said all we really have to do is fix this, she grumbles and says yeah but it’ll cost us ten grand. We proceed back inside and she continues to say besides we have to repaint these colors are boring and the older gentalmen rolls his eyes as we walked through the hall to the livingroom/kitchen area. Then the older lady was concerned about the lights never working in the living room so I as the older gentlemen went downstairs to fetch a lamp for her i enter the young boys room as the older gentalmen and it was poorly lit so i fiddled with the sliding light switches till i could see better, went to disconnect the top portion of the lamp and couldn’t figure it out so I called out to the boy asking for help (mind you i never looked at the kid directly weather i was the man or the woman) he said to me you have to let it unscrew itself in disbelief I tried what he said and looked at the lamp as it twirled and disconnected itself thinking to my self that’s pretty cool, now I tryed untangling the cord i followed it up with my eyes and there was a gap in the drywall from the floor about a foot tall and two feet wideand it seemed to bulge outward and had some source of light coming from inside the wall, i shook it off thinking to myself the boy did this and its just another thing to fix. again i asked the boy for help he said let it untangle it self, I did and sure enough it untangled itself and I unplugged it and made my way back up with the lamp and never plugged it in, at some point the lady decided to go downstairs to get all the lights in the house working the whole house looked comfortably made kinda cozy, beds all made and carpet off white, as well as walls all white. As she went down stairs the lights for the basement took a couple trys to get on so once they were on she proceeded down the stairs and went into the living room to turn on the main lights, at this point there are 3 extra bedrooms downstairs one to the left one front right and one right at an angle to my side, the one to the left was either closed or not paid attention to as I never looked that way or attempted to go near it not for fear just disinterest, so she proceeded to the front right room clicked on the light, when she turned the living room lights were off, so she went back to the dial to turn them on again cursing saying wtf, then she then turned her back to the dial and off went the lights again at this point she knew it was a spirit playing games with her so she yelled show yourself you son of a bitch, turned on the lights proceeded to turn on the room to the right lights. When she poked her head in to do so, in the reflection of the mirror on the wall she seen a ghost blue tattered face long black hair with an old presence but at times appeard to be young, so she freaked out smashed the mirror and started calling for the older gentlemen cursing at the ghost to go away, when the older gentlemen arrived at the last second he sees her get whipped into another demention. Now at this point I’m embodying the older gentlemen so he does the same as her trying to fight off with screams but is ineffective, so he grabs a piece of iron rebar swings it at the ghost and every time he hits the ghost it disintegrates and comes at him for another go at this point he sees the ghost go through some kind of portal in the ceiling trailing some kind of rope or tied together knotted fabric, he jumps at it and grabs it getting whipped into the other demention with the ghost. As he is trailing from the ghost he looks down sees a molten lava surface with a bunch of souls but none his wife, he swings at the ghost with the rebar and gets blasted back to our demention, so eventually he gets a hand held mirror and when the ghost gets close points it at it traping the ghost in the mirror then grabs a second mirror and puts it on the other side of the mirror face to face so it cant escape, the ghost starts leaking through the sides so he starts thinking of things to use imagining what could work, he finds smaller peices of iron rebar and shoves it in the sides then shoves the whole thing into a bag of salt. Even though the ghost is trapped you can hear it’s screams, not knowing what to do with it he brings it to ed Warren the paranormal investigator whom collects cursed objects in the Warrens occult museum like the doll from annabelle after he gives the the bag of salt I wake up. You can email me at

  5. Kimberly says:

    So I have a question, I’m my dream the house is big and basically a of mansion but it’s been updated to look modern. Ever time I remember being in an office of some sort and that’s when the ghost starts to terrorize me and I run down the hall, find some stair and run up to what seems like an attic with a big window door. And I shut the door so the ghost doesn’t get in. I’m terrified, and each time is the same, until last night I had the same dream, but it added something, after I shut the door this time I scan the room and find the windows and look out and see that it’s a long way down. And I jump out of the window because the ghost breaks in. And then I woke up. Any ideas on what this could mean? I have never seen the ghost, I always just know he or she is there and terrorizes me

  6. Mike says:

    Ok so I’m wondering now if my dream may be a little more complex because the house in my dreams is not mine, it’s my aunts house. In every dream I’m helping her move into the house. I feel like I’m the only one who knows the house is haunted and the ghost and I have problems. Every time the ghost makes itself present I either cuss at it or punch the door it has just closed. I’m not a confrontational person anymore but in my younger years I used to look for fights and that’s how I feel in these dreams. The ghost never shows itself but it does make itself known by closing doors or moving stuff around the house. Recently my aunt had me moving a door and putting it in a very large closet inside of an empty room (maybe a living room). I put the door just inside the room and then step out to turn and walk away. As I’m turning around the door shuts gently but very deliberately and the a loud thud as if the ghost punched the door. I walk back up to the door and hit it as hard as I can (which it felt like my punch was going in slow motion by the way). As I turn to walk away again the door flings open and the door that I just put in the closet comes flying out of the room like the ghost picked it up and threw it like a throwing knife and hits the wall across the room and shatters a window. This is only the second time I’ve had this dream but I’m always in a different part of the house. Any help understanding this dream will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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