The Haunted House Dream

Haunted house dreams are very complex dreams and not always as easy to interpret as other dreams. They are actually two dreams in one, a house dream and a ghost dream. Either of these dreams are rather complex on their own and have many clues and symbols associated with the interpretation of their meaning. For this reason I will be presenting  this article in four parts. This, the introduction where we will discuss some psychological and spiritual thoughts, as well as things you should look for and remember about your dream. The house, different aspects and symbols and how they pertain to your dream. The Ghost that is haunting you in your dream, and finally I  will present a couple of examples along with a possible interpretation.


To dream of a haunted house, signifies unfinished emotional business, related to your childhood family or dead  relatives or repressed memories and feelings.


Most haunted house dreams are typically recurring dreams and there are those that think that this could have  something to do with the dreamers surroundings or sleep environment and most recurrent dreams are relevant to the  unresolved issues of the person who is dreaming even though he may not presently know what the issue may be.

Dr. Daniel Condron (Director and Dream Researcher at the School of Metaphysics) believes the dream represents a  question or message (often related to a limitation, habit, fear or doubt) of the dreamer. And he thinks that the  dream will stop repeating once the dreamer understands the message and resolves to make the needed change.

Things to remember:

There are many clues and symbols in your dream that you should take careful note of. These clues and symbols will  give enormous insight to the true meaning of your dream.

The following is a list of some of these clues and symbols to remember about your dream.

 The House:

  • What type of house is it
  • Where is the house located
  • Do you recognize the house
  • Do you know where in the house you are
  • What type of furniture is in the room
  • Are you staying in one room or are you moving around the house

The Ghost:

  • Do you know the ghost
  • Are you frightened by the ghost
  • Are you communicating with the ghost
  • Is the ghost chasing you through the house

Note being chased through the house by the ghost in your dream, adds new complexity to the interpretation of  the dream call chasing dreams but we will cover that dream type in a future article.

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  1. Louisa says:

    I have a simi recurrent dream where I am at my childhood house and it is always haunted. I usually get there and am too afraid to go in. I think I remember actually being in the house in a dream only once but it was some time ago and I don’t remember the dreams detail.

    I say the dreams are simi recurrent because the dream is always different but the details about the house are always the same.

    The first time I was on the porch about to go in the house and the door popped open a little and I was afraid so didn’t go in. The next time I was coming up the stairs about to go inside and the door creaked open this time a little wider than before. Again I was too afraid to go in. Everytime I have this dream I am a kid again and am returning home from school I think. Each time the door opens up farther and farther all on its on and it happens when I’m farther back each time. The last time it opened half way as I got to the fence of the house to enter the yard.

    The sky is always gloomy and really gray. I can’t see anyone in the house but I can feel the energy and its evil, dark, malevolent and I can feel it wants me. Its like its waiting for me but I’m too afraid because I don’t know why it wants me.

    When we lived in that house at that time my mom said she experienced supernatural events. She had the house blessed numerous times and saw “demons”. she had a boyfriend at the time that was an alcoholic and physically abusive to her. My mom was abusive to me as well so I’m not sure if that ties into the dreams. My mom and I have a relationship now and she has apologized a number of times.
    Any insight would be appreciated thank you.

    • Bobabgail says:

      Hello , This Dream is actually very commen. Im a professional dream helper , i have a website where you can access other dreams similar to this. Anyway , this dream is commen . Usually when you are having dreams about going to your child hood home it means that you have something you need to fix or re-do . Like, your mother said to clean the attic .. & you never do then something bad happened such as her getting hurt by something to do with the attic. If possible, you should visit your child hood home and go around to every room try to bring back the memorys, and the time you last left it. That should give you some closure and this dream should leave when it provided its purpose of being there. I hoped that helped.

  2. Tonya says:

    Just last night I had a dream of my aunt connie’s old house. It was just the way it used to be before she moved around 2004. I always was fond of the house and its warm light that poured through the living room. it was homey and comfortable. ill always miss it. from time to time i even still have dreams of it but it isnt always ghost related. ( her house in real life was thought to be haunted but this never scared me. only made me think it was even cooler)
    The dream of this house began by my boyfriend and i driving by it noticing silouhettes in the windows, later appearing as ghosts. We decided to come back another time during the night and at this point of the dream i do not recall where he was but only knew he was with me and i was alone walking through the first floor of the house. feeling eerie, i started remembing the living room, the foyer, the kitchen and the dining room. in the dream i only walked through the foyer and then into living room when a ghost appeared in the foyer.
    The ghost was an adult female that gazed at herself in the mirror and looked out the windows of the house. she didnt want me there and screamed at me with shrieks that had no words. her hair stood on end and i left the house after being frieghtened. at this point i saw my boyfriend had driven off without me and i was left at the house scared. he forgot me and i was sure he was thinking of turning around to look for me. as he was looking for me i could not wait at the house and so i continued to walk on the sidewalk through the streets. I was welcomed in a home across the street where i found a family in thier basement arranging garlic on strings as necklaces to protect themselves against the ghosts across the street. i obtained one and went back to the house to find my boyfriends car parked outside. i thought he must have went to look for me in the house. concerned and scared he would get hurt.. i tried to enter but the female ghost at the foyer woukd not let me pass through the door and kept screaming at me.

    this conclued the wierd dream of the haunted house my aunt used to own.

  3. Lauren says:

    The first house is an old victorian. I am standing in the backyard. It is dark outside. Suddenly I get the overwhelming feeling that something bad is about to happen. I run into the house and try to gather the 4 people living there. There are 2 sons and a mother and a father. They are dressed in really old clothing like the house. I have the feeling that they’ve been in the house for a very long time. I grab the boys and they bicker over shoes and tell them to go outside. I yell for the mother and father. The father says that there is something more he has to do. He runs up the stairs. I scream to everyone to get out the way, it’s coming. Suddenly a black cloud of evil whips through the house and I back up into the wall carefully trying to keep it from touching me. I wake up within the dream and I am sitting in my grandmother’s house now. I go to reach for a bottled water, but it’s too high. I go sit down across from her and I know she’s about to tell me to get a water for her, angrily, I reply, “I can’t reach it.” So my grandmother asks my uncle to go get the water. He comes back and hands me a bottle and it is really heavy. They each have bottles that are equally as heavy, but mine has been drunken out of. I get upset and when I confront my uncle, he offers to trade my water for his, but I reluctantly say that’s ok and finish the water. I look at the clock and it’s 5:30. I wake up.

  4. Lauren says:

    The first house is an old victorian. I do not know this house and it is decorated and feels like I was in the time period. I do not know this family.

    I am standing in the backyard. It is dark outside. Suddenly I get the overwhelming feeling that something bad is about to happen. I run into the house and try to gather the 4 people living there. There are 2 sons and a mother and a father. They are dressed in really old clothing like the house. I have the feeling that they’ve been in the house for a very long time. I grab the boys and they bicker over shoes and tell them to go outside. I yell for the mother and father. The father says that there is something more he has to do. He runs up the stairs yelling room numbers if that makes any sense at all. I scream to everyone to get out the way, it’s coming. Suddenly a black cloud of evil whips through the house and I back up into the wall carefully trying to keep it from touching me because I fail to out run it.

    I wake up within the dream and I am sitting in my grandmother’s house now. I go to reach for a bottled water, but it’s too high. I go sit down across from her and I know she’s about to tell me to get a water for her, angrily, I reply, “I can’t reach it.” So my grandmother asks my uncle to go get the water. He comes back and hands me a bottle and it is really heavy. They each have bottles that are equally as heavy, but mine has been drunken out of. I get upset and when I confront my uncle, he offers to trade my water for his, but I reluctantly say that’s ok and finish the water. I look at the clock and it’s 5:30. I wake up.

  5. Bobabgail says:

    TRUE STORY: About two years ago maybe, i was about 1o or 11 & i was downstairs in my house sitting on my moms lap then all of a sudden our shredder turns on & our stereo a few rooms away turns on playing LOUD music. I was scared & i usually shared a room with my older sister but this time she was at a friends so i had to sleep alone. i was soooo scared . but about an hour later i really didnt think of the scary things that happened, so i went upstairs to my room where my doll house was & i played in there for a while, when all of a sudden a “deer trac” (a spring thing you put on the bottom of your snowboot to keep from sliding on ice) & the thing FLEW off of my sisters dresser and hit me. I was sooo scared. Then that night i went to bed and had a dream that the stereo turned on, the shredder shred (but the part when i was in my room didnt happen) & there was my childhood ‘Monster’ who im terrified of (the girl off of ‘The Ring’ movie) chased me through my living room and all over my house, then i was running & i went in an elevator (BIG fear, im closterphobic!) then i ran and when i tried getting away from the creepy girl there was A HUGE Pool , (again, another one of my fears, since i couldnt swim.) & there was no way around the pool so i jumped in and instantly began swimming .. then i woke up . & a few months after i had that dream, (in the summer) my enemie (this girl who hates me at school & is a bully) pushed me in the pool at a public place & i instanly could swim ! even though i couldnt before ! .. i dont know but i think that dream helped me overcome some fears . WHAT DOES THIS DREAM MEAN ? any clues, please commet! thanks!

  6. Nathan says:

    I’ve had the same recurring dream for some time now. In it, I’m usually in some jumbled-up version of my own house, sometimes I believe it’s exactly the same. Anyway, there is always a rather expansive staircase, as creepy as you can imagine, that is usually behind a locked door. This staircase always leads to the same room, which is one that I am absolutely certain that I cannot enter because of a very dark and malicious spirit of some type that occupies the space. I somehow know what the rooms looks like, because in one of my earliest of the series of dreams featuring this same situation, I made the mistake of opening the door and looking inside. It is a child’s room, covered in years of dust and cobwebs, that has remained exactly as the child left it for some unknown reason. In real life, I do not particularly believe in ghosts, at least not as they’re commonly portrayed, but I do believe that this is a very evil spirit of some type (within the dream). Anyway, the other night I had a new dream. My son came to me and told me that he’d been upstairs in that room and that someone had been talking to him. It was like he had released this thing, whatever it was, from its more dormant (yet still terrifying) state. I went into my bedroom to tell my wife, and as I was doing so, I saw our phone slide across the top of the dresser. I could see that it was being yanked by its cord. I knew that the spirit was doing it. It was there in the room with us. I yelled at it to “Stop!” It pulled harder, yanking the phone to the edge of the dresser. I yelled at it louder to “STOP!” It then yanked the cord so hard that the phone flew across the room. I screamed at it, “STOPPPPP!!”…
    And then I woke up. In my bed. Exactly where I was in my dream. I woke myself up screaming at this thing.

    It freaks me out a little, because this has been becoming more and more common and more and more intense.

    Weird, eh?

  7. angie says:

    I’ve been having dreams of old houses with ghosts since I can remember. Usually I feel as if I know the house but never actually have been in it while wake but it’s always familiar in my dream. Most of the time I feel like the ghost(s) don’t want me there or either I’m scared to communicate. I find myself going from room to room always trying to escape the reach of the ghost. In these houses I find trap doors, hiden door ways and even tunnels leading me somewhere. Sometimes I find things in my dream and have a total aphany. Then I wake up and can’t remember what it was I found. The houses are always old but grand. The furniture is beautiful and completely antique and no one ever lives in them but the ghosts and I seem to be intruding in their home. In the dream I feel as if something is calling me there. As if I was ment to be there. I don’t believe I know the ghost(s) because I never see their faces yet I can almost hear them speaking and I cam see the rest of their glow perfectly.

  8. Anne says:

    i had a dream my mothers house 9 where i used to live 2 years ago) was possessed. in my dream my aunt and my mother were helping me cleanse the house… the possessed thing was in the basement and we were on the stairs to the basement basically holding a exorcism of the spirit . i never saw the spirit but in the dream we had to have these 3 candles lit and my aunt would accidentally blow the candles out and we kept having to start over….

  9. Cassy says:

    I have been having a re-occurring dream for the better part of a year now that is sort of like a haunted house dream but there is no ghost. The house is the same but each dream is a new time we visit it. So in real life and in my dream my family and I live in a smaller house and we would definitely like some more space but as I have a limited budget this is difficult. The first dream in this series was my husband and I driving by this old 1700’s colonial house which was in tact but very run down on property 8 times the size of our current. The house was probably two times the size of ours. We realized it was for sale and super cheap. We could actually afford it. We went inside. It was super creepy and dark but we figured with renovation we could fix it and it would be a great home for the family. So we bought it. Since it is in the same town as our house we figure that we will keep our old house and live in it while we fix up the new creepy house. In the first dream we try painting it very light colors and fixing the heat and electrical. We decide to bring the kids by. They are super excited on the outside but when they go inside their character changes and they are very timid (my kids are normally extremely boisterous/outgoing). We keep working late into the night and decide to stay there. Nothing “haunting” happens per se but we are all to creeped out and we decide to go back home. In the next dream we go back and give it another try. We try bringing in some furniture. We end up staying the whole night but we all agree the house is scary. In another dream my parents come and try to help with renovation. We decide to tear down a wall in the kitchen (for some reason this house has a kitchen which is divided into two parts the fridge and sink and cabinets on one side the oven and more cabinets on another). It looks a lot better. But it is still very creepy. My parents decide to leave and remind us that it is sort of silly to own two houses in the same town. I feel guilty and we try to stay for a week but we hate it and go back home. I have had so many other re-occurrences of this dream but every time we go back that wall in the kitchen is back up. It doesn’t bother me or surprise me in the dream only when I wake up and think about it but all the paint we did the first time stays. The dream I just had last night some professional remodelers come to help us but they end up refusing to go into the house. They make the outside of the house look amazing and even create this really awesome natural slide for my kids in the stream. But the inside is creepy as every and now the paint is peeling of the interior walls. My kids think it says leave me alone. I think it just looks like random peeling paint. We try to stay the night. My husband gets upset and ends up saying “Why do we keep doing this?” and we end up going home in the middle of the night. So about the house – it is a big square colonial. The downstairs has a side door into the funky two part kitchen with blue and white metal cabinets. The living room is just a large rectangle that the front door opens up to. There is something on the other side of the livingroom but I don’t ever see it and that does not bother me at all in my dream. The stairs go upstairs and there are four equally sized bedrooms and a bathroom off of the main hall. No attic. There is also a basement but since it is an old house it’s not usable space because it is very low and has a dirt floor. The house does not face the main road. It is set way back from the main road by a long driveway. It faces the driveway. There is woods in back. The front and sides are surrounded by field which looks like it used to be a corn field. The front and side yards are huge in comparison to the backyard. In the woods is a stream that goes down a small gorge into a small natural pool. We also know in the dream that the house was abandoned for a long time but the last person who lived there was a nasty old man who had kids he would beat. We know this because in one dream a neighbor pops by and says hi and they are glad to see someone owns the house and tells us that. She doesn’t want to come in though. I wish I could wrap my head around what this one means.

  10. Ky says:

    I have this dream every once in a while that I’m either running from someone or just walking through the neighborhood, and end up in this house. It’s the same house every time, I have no idea where it is. Old barns surround it. When I go it, it’s like an old Victorian house. It looks fairly cleaned up, but like no one has lived in it awhile.
    I walk though the house checking it out, and everything is always fine until I get into the upstairs. Up there is a huge room with another kitchen, living area, piano, fire place, bedroom, balcony, and another staircase leading to a different level. Upstairs is always more dusty than the lower level. Whenever I wall through the upstairs, I get this feeling that spirits are coming after me and trying to grab me. And it’s almost like I get paralyzed and can’t move. Then I wake up.
    Last night I had a dream someone bought the house. When I went inside they had remodeled it. New wood and paint in the entire house. When I went upstairs everything was fine. Walking up the stairs I remember seeing a box that had ’99 on it. I went back down and got my boyfriend to check it out. This time walking up the stairs, a piece of the floor I’m on opens up like a secret storage and lifts me. And I begin to play the piano and I get the feeling of something near me, and the presses my hand into the piano. I then woke up again.
    What does this mean?

  11. Katie says:

    Throughout my life ive dreamt of a house. Different dreams and situations. But always the same house. I would have a dream about this house once in a blue moon. I just recently had one. And before that, it had been years sinve the last dream. The house is old. And it looks its age. Many rooms. And like 3 floors. Not including the attic. I dont remember when i first ever had a dream about this house. Maybe it was when i first saw ‘Red Rose’ the movie, as a child. Idk. Anyways, if im ever in the house im usually in the main area u walk into when u first come into the door or, im down the hall from the attic door. Theres something really bad behind that door. Ive only ever had one nighterror in my life, but i dont remember what it was about. But i feel if i open that door, i would feel the same terrors. The whole house has an evil aura to it. Not just the attic. So i know this house is really bad. So in my dreams i aviod it like crazy. Like ill be walking down the street and the house is there, i aviod looking at it. I aviod thinking about it. I just keep walking and i act like i dont notice it. I trying and think of other things. Because i know, that the house knows what im thinking. It knows im scared. And even if im not inside the house, just close by, it still knows. I can always feel something watching me from the attic window. I feel like its a young woman. Im not sure. I used to think it was a little girl. But now adays she seems older. And im just so so scared of that house. It just pops into my dreams out of nowhere.
    To answer some of those questions:
    I dont know where the house is located. Seems to be different each time
    Ive never seen it in my awoken state. I only reconize it from older dreams
    As i said before if im in the house its when i first walk in or in the hallway that leads to the attic
    Ive never noticed any furnture. Not to say that there are none, ive just never noticed if there were.
    I dont really stay in any room. But i dont really move either. I just appear in the next part of the house. The hallway. Right after i enter. I think when i was younger i would walk around a bit but i dont really remember.
    I dont know the ghost except from older dreams.
    Im absolutely terrified of the ghost
    She never speaks. And i never try to speak to her. I aviod her.
    And she never chases me. Shes only in the attic. The rest of the house scared me too. I think there are other evils in it. But the worst evil is in the attic. I think she baits me to go to the attic. Like something is making me want to go to the attic. Pulling me to it. But im scared so of course i dont go.

    This past dream, i was meeting with my best friend, (And this is the first time that anyone has ever been accosicated or been in my dreams with this house. Easpecially someone i know and love) She was getting paid to clean a house, or housesit a house or something. And i pulled up across the street. And i dont reconize the house yet. Another friend pulls up next to me and asks me how ive been and what i was up too. I tell him that i was just meeting a friend at this house. Help her clean or housesit. He looks over at the house and his face falls. He becomes very serious and he tells me bad stuff happens in that house. And then i instantly remember the house, and all my dreams and stuff comes flooding back too me. I tell him that my best friend is already in there. I have to get her out. And he just says “better hurry” and drives off.
    At this point i try and think positive things. Because im close to the house. It knows wat im thinking. So i try to fool it, make it seem like theres nothing wrong, that i havent reconized it yet. I call Liz(my bestfriend) she doesnt answer. I keep calling. And each time i call with no answer i become more and more frantic and i know….that the house knew of my fear the moment i had it. I just felt like it was mocking me from across the street. Becuz my best friend was in there. But i was so scared. I couldnt get closer. I wanted to so bad. I wanted to save her but i just couldnt get closer. I didnt even want to look at it. Even now, im awake, i feel my eyes water becuz i feel the remains of fear and hatred for myself becuz i just left my friend in that damn house. This house, thats been haunting me throughout my life for whatever reason. After trying to call her a few times i finally jolt awake. Liz had come into my room and the nosie thr door makes when its opened had woken me. Ironic that she was the one who woke me from that nightmare i just left her in.

    I suppose id like to know why its always this damn house. Me and liz recently had a few problems and she makes me really sad lately. We still close but i dont think i complety trust her anymore. So i kind of get why she was in my dream. But still. Why the house? After 3 or 4 years without it in my dreams? Why did i even have them before this past one? Also liz is like the most important thing to me. I love her like crazy. Even tho its been kinda bumpy lately.
    Thanks for reading. I hope u guys may be able to give me some answers. I kind of want to write a scary story about this house.

  12. Breana says:

    Oh gosh so I keep having these haunted house dreams and it’s not frequent but it usually recurs every year? Maybe 2 times a year? They’re all usually really different and never the same but they ALWAYS have me flying away from the house (it’s weird) but to fly I have to flap my arms I don’t know. The house it always two stories tall and at the top is a room that’s dark and I never remember what’s in the room but I always have to escape from the top window. It’s not scary dreams (even though I’m running away from something that scares me in the dream) it’s never enough to actually wake me up. I don’t know if people reply to these things but I really want to know what it could mean.

  13. Pheep Semigak says:

    In my dream, I dreamed I was alone in one room, it was very long and rectangle. I didn’t recognize it. I was being haunted with an old friend who was female in that house. Then I moved to a bigger version or somewhat looking of NY house but bigger. Since I live with church pastors, I was begging them to cleanse me. They cleansed me and when they did, it’s as if the ghost came out of me and started haunting the whole house, throwing things and breaking stuff. After awhile I started asking is we could please move out of the house. Again I begged to move but they never. Then I guess I got fed up with he ghost because the church pastors were starting to look very afraid and that’s when I got up and yelled “JESS, I HAD ENOUGH” it started stomping up the stairs and when it came at the corner, it looked at me and it was the ceiling fan in my room and I woke up. When I woke up, I thought I saw a white wisp but I did just wake up so it could’ve been me still dreaming or imagining I guess.

  14. Adriana says:

    When I was a child, we lived in a scary house.where the lights will go off and on when I was present, things will move. I had a Barbie status where it’s just shoulder up where you can fix her hair her eyes moved their was a statute of an Indian that my mother had and I was cleaning one time and I felt someone was watching me and the eyes were actually moving, so I ran out the our dog use to go in the kitchen and one corner of the house will look up and will keep barking..and one time my uncle seen a woman standing in the dining room, apparently the lady that lived their did witch craft and not the good kind of witch craft, and one time I seen a white hand on my mothers back when we were in the kitchen I told her and she is always sarcastic and said well tell it to scratch my back…and now for many years I keep dreaming of the same house and I walk in and try to say a prayer but the house won’t let me I try so hard but I’m not able to pray, why is this house so attached to me?

  15. Jesus merino says:

    I had a dream of my family living in a new big house… The house from the inside look exactly like my godparents/uncles, and aunts house. When I arrive I first see the dream I see dolls aligned in a line in the form of the house… I saw some buttons… They were on the door steps… And they were big and red. When I hit one it made an alarm go off. I somehow found a way to stop it from going off… I see that one semi distant friend of mine pulls up in an old red truck. We chat randomly… And I for some reason knew that the dolls were about to move. As I grab my phone to take a video of the dolls since its late noon. The point to be completely dark… I point it to one of the dolls… And I knew it had to with a demon… When we walk away from the huge house I see that one of the dolls in the black dress goes under my car that I just bought. Me and him try to find a way to catch her… But she stayed under there… And we finally after hours of chasing… I asked him to go home in hopefulness… As soon as I walk in the house I see the house with only a couple of bulbs on in the house… There were a little changes in the house but no thing dramatic. And I am walking through the house and don’t question the fact that there are no stairs for the second floor. But as I am walking buy I only notice my cousins room in the house they currently live right now… I walk in and see that they are full of boxes. I see that I have twin sisters as well… I currently have 1 sister… As I was shocked of the thought of two sisters I found automatic love to protect them… As I see that there is something not right in the closet… Which has never had a door… And I am checking for everything to be okay but I see that there is something not right… I felt it in my heart… As I take the twins away in huge worry of anything happening… I ask my mom about a demon in the house…. But she says nothing in return… I then find out that my cousins show up to the house and I imitaly ask her about her room and she just points to the same place in the closet. Nights pass and we slowly progressed in the unpacking of our move… And I go once again into the twins room.. And find only one and find the other in the closet… As the other leaves I go and find out she is just staring at the same spot as last time.. And I grab her and run and take both my little sisters… I leave the huge house with the entire family… And as we get in the car my uncle notices a dead dog… Completely broken.. Full of blood… As we are driving I see all the nice pretty houses… And as we are leaving I saw the clouds…. Darkness coming along… But as we are driving I see we are just passing house closest to where I live currently… As if to say even tho we have progressed.. We still live where we once came from…

    As we are driving the rain is pouring and I worried for the protection of my family… We are going to make a turn as I see us going under a 6 foot puddle…

    And then I woke up from a random movement change into my work at braums which I currently hate due to my manager yelling at me, making me feel less of a person. And the last thing I wake up to to one of the employees who I have no issues with say restore napkins. This just happened yesterday when she yelled at me…

    I am 16 years old I don’t know what’s going on… I’ve been having these type of dreams for years now but this one if for the books and I need help understanding it’s meaning of this demon

    If by any means anyone can help please do…

  16. Lily says:

    I have been having a dream over and over again but it isn’t the same exact dream. It has the same theme. It always is in my grandparents old house that I grew up in which they moved out of 5 years ago. In the dream their house is always haunted. I am only 14 and this dream has been going on for a year. In the dream it is always throughout the house and I’m always scared of the ghost but the ghosts are always different. There is always other people with me in the dream like my mother or class mates. Please reply. Thank you

  17. Christine says:

    I have dreams at least once a week where I’m in various houses (never my own or anyone I know), and there are demons or ghosts in the houses. I end up either getting thrown through the air or pinned against the wall by an unseen force, and it always talks, though I can never remember what it says. Various items in these houses are usually possessed- a painting on the wall or a coffee table as an example. They follow me around the house. I don’t like being in the house and having these experiences, but I never leave the house, and I usually end up stabbing the possessed item with a knife and the ghost goes away. I have had these dreams on and off since I was little, no matter what stage I have been in my life. They have always bothered me. Any insight?

  18. Dan says:

    Hi, I keep having a dream about a haunted house. The house is very different every time and isn’t familiar in anyway way. In my recent one I go up to bed and I get scared so I go into my mum and dads room, the bed is a strange single with tight covers. i go into the haunted room and place 20 pence on the table and ask the ghost to throw it. As I go back into my mums room I can see our dog sitting on the bed in the haunted room and the 20p comes flying at me, I am shouting at this ghost with such anger and hateful words to show I’m not afraid So my dad goes into the room to sleep and puts on the TV and I can hear and see it. Anyway so I fall asleep and the next morning go in search of a priest. I find out it costs money and the dream ends. But typically most of the haunted dreams involve a random house with ghosts I never see.

  19. Abby says:

    I just woke up, and strangely enough, I could remember my dream. I was in a huge mansion, and it was beautiful and well kept. It was because a family lived there, the house was haunted by their little girl who died there. I was actually there to get rid of her, and I did. It was so much better, the air wasn’t as tight. What does this dream mean? If you can help me, thanks!

  20. Kayla says:

    I’m a 21 year old and recently found out that I’m 8 weeks pregnant. My dream worries me. I’m in my old childhood home I’m the same age I am now and pregnant. I’m standing in the kitchen looking arround. It’s like I’m taking on last look at the place. (In reality my parents just sold this place). It’s midnight in my dream at first I feel safe the n cabinets start and won’t stop banging the ceiling fan starts swinging like crazy. I’m sitting hugging my knees hard crying out “Jesus Christ is my savior!!” Over and over again. My eyes are shut as I rock and scream. Then I wake up gasping for air saying “Jesus Christ is my savior!” This wakes up my fiancé next to me in bed. I can’t sleep now at night due to this dream. I feel like I’ll finally sleep once I know what it’s means? It all felt so real.

  21. Lexy says:

    I have been dreaming of this haunted house it has a maze from the attic to the basement and it’s really hard to get out I was stuck in it yesterday until someone came along and we found out way out together but today a male possibly brother who I don’t have in real life was stuck up there for what he said was hours. He was exhausted and said it was hard to breath so I constructed a breathing tube of straws and busted the vent to feed it to him I guess he was above me and as I was tying to keep him awake the day sudden turned into night and the house except for what I believe was his room went pitch black and a figure with flaming red hair ran past I woke up scared out of my mind yet again because in the basement is terrible things that I wish I didn’t remember whatever is in that house is so evil it freaks me out even when I’m awake

  22. phine says:

    i dreamed twice with a new build beautiful house fully furnice and lot of rooms, three stories, this house decorated with build in anti ghost lights when they saw it, it keeps them stop, this house build with the help of my brothers design. I saw a lot of ghost in this house they are just like a demon mostly unrecognized faces, when times our sisters talked about the ghost we laugh at them because we know we arr protected by anti ghost lights. your interpretation of this dream will highly appreciated.

  23. Radhika says:

    Hello, can u please help interpret my dream? The house in my dream looked to be a well kept maybe even a new house with pastel not blue colors not I very never seen this house before.I initially I m with my mom( she is still alive) in a sort living area with cornered bookshelves filled with all kinds not colors of them with a plush sitting area in the centre and it was multiple storied accessible from each level. In one of the corners i see a huge hung bed which suddenly starts swinging.Then I see a scared friend on whose face a bathroom door slammed shut. Then I see many people including a baby all exploring the house, some of the bedrooms have half clear mirrors which scare me for some reason, now there is a uneasy feeling and every runs out of the house scared. I went back inside for the baby, on the way out a face nearly jumps out of a glass on the wall. Finally we are all outside wondering. That’s it.

  24. Bruce says:

    I am having a recurring dream of a 3 story house that is haunted or feels incredibly eerie on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The 3rd floor is usually in serious disrepair and even feels flimsy as though it could collapse at times. Most of the time you never see a ghost or demon, but there is always someone watching the feeling is overwhelming.

    The house in the dream always seems to be either on my property or in a warehouse waiting to be repaired. It’s always mine or recently purchased and I’m the one doing the work to it for my family to move in. There is typically very little furniture in the house, but when there is it looks like late 19th early 20th century although it’s mixed with modern TV, stereos etc.

    I occasionally lucid dream and am aware I am dreaming most of the time when I become frightened or have a nightmare. The 3 story house dreams are different though, they feel scarily real and last what seems all night. The most recent one last night, I had a family of 6, my wife wants 4 kids, and 2 other random familiar adults. We had all moved in as I begun remodeling and the entity which based on its actions I assume was a succubus. Each floor had the incredibly haunting feeling of being watched and and seeing strange occurrences. The odd part was when it came time for the members of the house to go to sleep nobody could sleep alone. Even when there was 2 to a bed the entity would show up in the bed and begin to lay across the faces of those in the bed as if it was suffocating them. The feeling while watching these events unfold at least ten times was terrifying and unsettling as well as regret on my part for moving them in.

    These dreams started kind of vague but this is at least the 9th one in 3 years I can remember it feels like more though, as they continue they grow more and more realistic. The level of emotional feelings and fear seems random.

  25. Cara says:

    I have a semi reoccurring dream that is associated with my mom’s house that is thought to be haunted. In my dreams the house is always trying to attack me. It is usually centered around my childhood bedroom and a clock that was located in that room. Someone hung themselves in the closet in that room prior to us moving in when I was 2yrs old. The most recent dream was that my mom and step-dad had passed away. I had to go to the house to go through their stuff and clean it out. My uncle and his two kids went with me. the house started to attack us. We were located in the living room but were going through many rooms trying to get away from the house trying to attack us and keep up locked up there. we were able to get the most important items out and got away. when driving away, we could see black figures of the many ghosts that lived there. They couldn’t leave the property for some reason. The dream shifts and I am now in another city in some hotel that I escaped to. My uncle and his boys are no longer in the dream. my husband and my two boys are there with me. as we were going through the minimal items we were able to get, more and more boxes start appearing out of no where. the ghosts had attached itself to one of the items and came with us. we ended up leaving everything to get away. I awoke sitting straight up in bed screaming with no actual sound coming out of my mouth. It was completely terrifying. the hotel part was new for me. This part I have never dreamed about in the past. the previous dreams I am the only person in the dream and I always get away from the ghosts attacking me but I wake up before the dream goes any further. What does all this mean?

  26. Crob1297 says:

    I’m having one about shots constantly.. I’m with friends in the dream, but in life I’m not friends with them. At first in the dreams, the ghost are small children like, no faces.. it frightens me in the dream, but then the ghost get bigger and when it gets close to me I’m not as scared, actually the big ghost is afraid of me. But I noticed while the big ghost is around my “friends” aren’t. I did notice that one of the friends happened to be the ex boyfriend of a girl I was dating but he was the only person I noticed. What’s all of this mean?

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