The Haunted House Dream

Haunted house dreams are very complex dreams and not always as easy to interpret as other dreams. They are actually two dreams in one, a house dream and a ghost dream. Either of these dreams are rather complex on their own and have many clues and symbols associated with the interpretation of their meaning. For this reason I will be presenting  this article in four parts. This, the introduction where we will discuss some psychological and spiritual thoughts, as well as things you should look for and remember about your dream. The house, different aspects and symbols and how they pertain to your dream. The Ghost that is haunting you in your dream, and finally I  will present a couple of examples along with a possible interpretation.


To dream of a haunted house, signifies unfinished emotional business, related to your childhood family or dead  relatives or repressed memories and feelings.


Most haunted house dreams are typically recurring dreams and there are those that think that this could have  something to do with the dreamers surroundings or sleep environment and most recurrent dreams are relevant to the  unresolved issues of the person who is dreaming even though he may not presently know what the issue may be.

Dr. Daniel Condron (Director and Dream Researcher at the School of Metaphysics) believes the dream represents a  question or message (often related to a limitation, habit, fear or doubt) of the dreamer. And he thinks that the  dream will stop repeating once the dreamer understands the message and resolves to make the needed change.

Things to remember:

There are many clues and symbols in your dream that you should take careful note of. These clues and symbols will  give enormous insight to the true meaning of your dream.

The following is a list of some of these clues and symbols to remember about your dream.

 The House:

  • What type of house is it
  • Where is the house located
  • Do you recognize the house
  • Do you know where in the house you are
  • What type of furniture is in the room
  • Are you staying in one room or are you moving around the house

The Ghost:

  • Do you know the ghost
  • Are you frightened by the ghost
  • Are you communicating with the ghost
  • Is the ghost chasing you through the house

Note being chased through the house by the ghost in your dream, adds new complexity to the interpretation of  the dream call chasing dreams but we will cover that dream type in a future article.

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