Dreams During Pregnancy Part 4 (Third Trimester)

Third Trimester Dreams: In the third trimester, there are more specific dreams about the baby, a baby may tell the mother their name in a dream or a woman may dream about the baby’s sex. Nature is a common theme in third-trimester dreams, and the imagery can be quite powerful—volcanoes erupt, dams burst, and tidal waves roll. Such dreams represent the impending birth and act as a dress rehearsal for the labor and delivery. Many women actually dream of the entire birthing process. Also common during the third trimester are dreams about having difficulties during labor, and although these dreams may be troublesome, remember, having these frightening dreams is normal and should not worry you. Pregnant women in their third trimester often dream of swimming in channels or downhill, while at conception women can dream of fish, or fish swimming up narrow channels. For Freud, dreams of swimming represent memories or wishes to be in the womb again, and may occur at stressful times when reassurance is needed. The baby: As the pregnancy progresses to the end, dreams tend to be about the baby itself, what it will look like and if it is a boy or a girl. Many mothers are “given” the name of the baby in a dream. You may also work out any anxieties about caring for the new baby by dreaming about day to day care of the child, or dangerous situations in dreams that you must save your baby from. Sex Dreams: Sounds weird, but it is true. Pregnant women dream about sex frequently during the final months of pregnancy. Since it is hard to be intimate in the final months of pregnancy because of your growing tummy, it is thought that the sex dreams are an emotional compensation for less sex in the real world. Dreams about sex also help to reassure a pregnant woman that she is still desirable and loved. Relationship dreams: A frequent theme of dreams in the third trimester is relationship dreams. This is the subconscious working out anxieties regarding how the relationship with your partner is going to weather the changes caused by a new baby. Final Weeks of Pregnancy: For a first-time mother, giving birth is quite like a journey to a foreign country. Face to face with her own adventure, she has an important starring role, even though it is with reluctance, she must go along. Giving birth, in addition to being depicted as a journey or an important commitment, may be represented as traveling through tunnels and corridors or the bursting of great waters. A few pregnant women, however, had very prophetic dreams concerning the details of their labor or delivery, such as going into labor early, the exact date of a premature labor, the precise circumstances under which the waters broke, and so forth. It would seem that at least some women have a keen ability to predict their future.

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