Dreams During Pregnancy Part 3 (Second Trimester)

 Second Trimester Dreams: During this part of the pregnancy is when the woman begins to get a sense of the baby as a real person, and the bonding process begins between the mother to be and unborn child. Both water and animal themes are prominent in second trimester dreams. The woman may dream she is a whale or dolphin in the ocean, swimming alongside her child.

The presence of friendly animals creatures in dreams is usually thought to symbolize a good relationship between the dreamer and his or her instincts. In the dreams of many pregnant women, animals are often cuddly and cute. You might find that the animals in your dreams have developed from sea creature to land mammal, repeating the journey of primeval ancestors or you may find you dream of your unborn child directly. Your feeling about the animal or baby reveals something about your attitude at the time of the dream.

The second trimester is also prime time for anxiety dreams, reflecting a woman’s concerns as to whether or not she’ll be a good mother. These dreams frequently involve leaving the baby somewhere or having a baby born deformed or severely undersized.

Erotic dreams are more likely the larger the mother to be gets. The reasons for erotic dreams in pregnant women are as different as the women that have them. However, most mothers to be share a common concern about their changing figure and how it affects their sex life. Pregnant women frequently feel insecure about their continued attractiveness to men. Erotic dreams during pregnancy simply offer a comforting reassurance, you see, you are still sexy.

Alternately some expectant mothers have recurring dreams that their husband is having a love affair. These dreams also express a sense of insecurity about holding the husband’s love and attention through the changes in her appearance. A pregnant woman has a realistic sense of vulnerability. She is more dependent than ever upon the support and faithfulness of her husband

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