Dreams During Pregnancy Part 1 (Introduction)

Due to the amount of information concerning this subject I will divide this article up into five parts. Dreams During Pregnancy:  Introduction, First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester and Final Days, and Nightmares.

Introduction: During pregnancy women may find that they are much more vulnerable to certain fears and concerns. Pregnant women are frequently more anxious about the likelihood of bodily harm. Things you usually take for granted, such as riding in a car or engaging in sports, may provoke some anxiety. These anxieties may surface in your dreams. Dreams may be realistic representations of your fears, or they may take the form of nightmares. Dreaming about your worries is normal and may help you to deal with them during the day. Be reassured that dreams do not symbolize life as it is-or as it will be once the baby is born.

While anyone can see how pregnancy affects a woman’s body, although not so obvious but equally important are the changes pregnancy has on a woman’s mind. It is one thing to be pregnant and feel big as a cow, and quite another to have a recurring dream that you are a cow.

Welcome to the world of pregnancy, where the mind expands is directly propositional with the body. “Pregnancy dreams are nature’s way of helping the woman during the process of transformation from woman to mother

When Sigmund Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar,” it’s a good bet he wasn’t referring to the dreams of a pregnant woman which are anything but straightforward.

A woman’s dreams during pregnancy can be incredibly vivid, often reflecting the physical and psychological changes occurring in her life. Some experts believe pregnancy dreams that can be about everything from tadpoles and fishes to talking animals and towering skyscrapers symbolizes your excitement, fear, and apprehension about the physical and emotional changes happening to her.

There is a greater amount of actual dreaming and dream recall when a woman is pregnant than at any other time during her life,” says Patricia Garfield, PhD. “The dreams will relate to her condition of pregnancy, the dreams during pregnancy will tend to change with each trimester and often follow a predictable pattern that reflects the pregnancy’s progression. Women are also more likely to remember their dreams during this time. With this improved recall, a pregnant woman is able to remember the vividness, detail, and color of her dreams. But what do these dreams mean?

An excellent reference is the The Mother-to-Be’s Dream Book: Understanding the Dreams of Pregnancy

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  3. Hey, That was a fantastic thread thank you very much for sharing this info with me.

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