Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 7) Induction Devices

Even though you are sleeping your senses never rest. So what your senses pick up is typically included into your dream, unless it wakes you up. You dream most vividly in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage. A device can identify these eye movements and give you feedback letting you know that you are dreaming. This feedback typically utilizes flashing lights and or sound. The problem with this type of feedback is that they don’t tell you that you are dreaming they only indicate that there is REM. They usually appear in your dream as something else, like car lights. You have to train your brain to identify this feedback as dream signs that are trying to tell you that you are dreaming. But one of the main problems with these devices is that they can cause a false awakening, you will think that the device woke you up and try to go back to sleep again. But you should do a reality test if this happen, because false awakening is quite normal. Once your reality test fails, you can continue doing whatever you want in the dream. An even more effective approach is verbal feedback. Hearing “This is a Dream” in your dream is a good prompt to make you do a reality test.

If you are a deep sleeper and do not react to the feedback well, then try getting some caffeine into your system before going to bed or after 5-6 hours. If you are a light sleeper, so that the feedback wakes you up, then stop using caffeine and chocolate containing products entirely. And try to increase your uptake of the amino acid Tryptophan.

There are various tools have been introduced to market to assist in the objective of having a lucid dream. The first widely distributed dream induction device is the NovaDreamer, designed in 1993 by Craig Webb. The NOVADREAMER was discontinued in 2003 but the NOVADREAMER2 should have been available late 2009. There is also a DOS program called DreamWeaver that also explains how you can create goggles. The Lucidity Institute may publish a system for the NovaDreamer called LISA (Lucidity Induction System for Audio). It is a computer interface that will make it possible for the NovaDreamer to play verbal feedback.

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