Learn To Lucid Dream (Part 2) Dream Recall


The number one factor in understanding and interpreting you dreams is the ability to recall what you have demit and it is paramount in Lucid Dreaming. Dream recall is merely the capability of remembering your dreams. Good dream recall is frequently described as the first step towards lucid dreaming. Improved recall increases awareness of dreams in general; with limited dream recall, any lucid dreams you have can be forgotten completely. To improve dream recall, most people keep a dream journal, writing down any dreams remembered as soon as the dreamer awakens. The purchases of a digital audio recorder can also be very helpful. This will allow the dreamer to record their dreams as quickly as possible as there is a strong tendency to forget what one has dreamt. For best recall, the waking dreamer should keep eyes closed while trying to remember their dream. Describing your dream as if you are still in it can help the writer to recall the events of their dream more accurately Dream recall can also be improved by remaining still after waking up. This may have something to do with REM atonia (the condition of REM sleep in which the motor neurons are not stimulated and thus the body’s muscles do not move). Likewise, the dreamer may be able to recall certain events of their dream by testing different sleeping positions. Another easy technique to help improve dream recall is to repeat to yourself (in thoughts or out loud) “I will remember my dreams,” before falling asleep.

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  1. Lovlin says:

    the question and awoke at 3am with 2 dream snteppis. I think I got some answers.Dream Snippet one.Title: Popeye’s babyI see the baby from Popeye..either on a cartoon or on a white wall with moving pencil sketches. First there are 2 of them arguing than I see another pair crawling over things but they knew what to do..another pair , one was telling the other what to do and the other was resisting and fighting.than 3 of them showed up ..I said there is something between them, they are listening to each others argument ..peacefully. ( I asked my husband what the babies name was, he looked it up online and it is sweet pea..I am going to see what that means next.)Title: Tight red shirt I saw a big handsome man behind a bar, he had a tight red shirt on and a body builders physique. He is wearing a large gold chain with a big emblem. It is in an unknown language to me. He said I wore it for you b/c it means.. Stand up for yourself and be strong! Title : Lost in NYCI am with my daughter in the city. We are pulled over by cops who now must randomly scan your body with a wand like on Star Trek. In case you conceal a weapon in your body. They quickly scan us, we are ok. Except I have undigested food in my stomach and lower calf. I say what do I do, he said nothing your fine. My daughter drops me off and goes to look for a parking space. I wait and she does not come back. I check in the dept. store where I am standing near to see if she is in there and I get a drink of water from a modern looking water fountain near the cosmetics section.. I know she does not know how to get to my sister in laws apartment. So I wait..I am worried. She finally arrives. She was lost and could not find a pkg. spot.It was over night , it is now morning. We go to my sister in laws. We have to climb up a fire escape ladder to get up to the apt. and than climb up a bathroom shelf. I remove all the towels first . I see people we know in the window. They were worried about us , too and we are all so happy to finally be together and see each other.I think all of these have message and deal with relationships..so thanks for the question. If something pops up to anyone one I would like to hear it . If not I think I have a lot of info to work with!! It was a beautiful moon last night.ValerieLike +1

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