Falling Dreams

Have you ever drifted off to sleep while sitting in a chair only to be suddenly awaken by the felling you where falling off the chair, well you just had a falling dream. Was it an unconscious response to the lack of support and the fear that you might fall of the chair or could it have a deeper meaning?

Dreams of falling are fear dreams; they are very common and often occur during the first stage of sleep. That is because dreams at this stage are often accompanied by spasms of muscles in the arms, the legs or even the whole body. These sudden muscle contractions are known to science as a myclonic jerk. The dreaming mind can interpret these muscle spasms as falling, and thus incorporate falling into the dream state. Generally the dreamer is awakened suddenly in this type of dream by a sudden jolt. Some believe that this is the response of the dreamer trying to prevent their falling.

Dreams of falling are most common during periods of emotional stress, such as a divorce, a death in the family, job loss or other personal hardships. Dreams of falling are a powerful image that lends itself to some interpretations. They are most often interpreted as an indication of unresolved fears, anxieties, instabilities and insecurities. Dreams of falling can also represent a sense of inferiority or a sense of failure in your personal or professional life. These dreams of falling can represent a perceived failure to measure up to expectations, or a fear of losing your status, losing an important person in your life, or just a generalized fear or failure.

Dreams of falling are generally dreams relating to anxiety connected to loss or failure. In this case the dreamer is often asked about the part of the dream that precedes the fall and how that might equate with a conscious time situation. Despite all the modern advances made regarding dream imagery, most scientists will concede that the current world view allows for a good percentage of dreams to be relegated over to the arcanus. The great seer and ‘sleeping prophet’ Edgar Cayce believed that, “dreams provide important information for the dreamer who pays close attention and learns to interpret their meaning.

Sigmund Freud offers the interpretation that a woman dreaming of this symbolizes her surrender to erotic temptation. Falling would be an example of the wish reflecting her desire to return to infancy when a child who fell was picked up and held in reassuring arms. Psychiatrist Emil Gutheil suggested that falling could be a metaphor for the loss of equilibrium in many forms: loss of temper, loss of self control, a falling away from accepted moral standards. Contemporary theory holds that falling usually reflects insecurity a sense that there is nothing to hold onto.

Those who do biblical and religious interpretations of dreams often see falling dreams as meaning that the dreamer is taking his or her cues from the world of man instead of turning to god for guidance and advice.

Dreams of falling are powerful images that lead to many interpretations, dating back from ancient times people were impressed by mystery and power of the dreams. They were thought to be messages from god to warn or advise everyone. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung have found the ideas that are used today for the analysis of dreams. The basis of thought and theory, upon experiments and observations, were derived from these psychologists to form statements about dreams today. Through more observations, maybe in the future more clarity on dreams and their analysis will be discovered.

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