Dream Interpretation of Basic Dreams

If you want to learn about the meaning of dreams then you need to start with the basics. There are plenty of places that you can look up the rules of interpreting dreams, but in this article we’ll be looking at a few of the more common types of dreams that people have and what they could potentially mean. While there are an infinite amount of possible dreams there are usually a relatively small amount of different parts that make up these dreams so basic dream interpretation starts with learning the fundamentals.

Teeth Dreams

Dreams about teeth are a very common type and are often recurring. Most of the teeth dreams that people have are to do with the teeth falling out or just crumbling away to nothing which can be a distressing experience, but what does it mean? There isn’t just one meaning, but some people believe it is showing that a person is unhappy with their personal appearance and what other people think of you . Another interpretation is that the teeth might be a fear of being embarrassed In other words this dream might be caused by being anxious about something.

Naked Dreams

While not as common as teeth dreams, naked dreams still affect a lot of people. Often the dreamer is in a place such as work or on a street and going about their everyday business only to suddenly realize that they are completely naked. This is often interpreted being because the dreamer feels vulnerable or ashamed of something they have done. This is because in the dream the clothes act as a sort of barrier behind which you can hide behind, but when you are feeling vulnerable the clothes disappear. A naked dream might also mean that you are being caught out unexpectedly.

Flying Dreams

these are one of the more enjoyable dreams to have and can be an amazing experience. Flying dreams are part of a section of dreams called lucid dreams that happen when you know that you are dreaming but are still asleep. Usually a flying dream is interpreted as the dreamer knowing that they are able to cope with the situation that they are in at the moment and feeling good about things. It is also sometimes interpreted as gaining a new perspective on something.

Lucid Dreams

When you lucid dream you are basically dreaming, but are aware that you are dreaming. When you are having a lucid dream, it is not unusual to have some power over the dream. Just about anything from being able to fly or making objects or people appears to fly. It is as if you are able to be the director of your own movie. Lucid dreams have been proven to exist, and there are many books and articles you can find about having lucid dreams.

As you can see, there are usually many different interpretations of a dream and which one is correct comes down to the person, the dream itself and also the situation that the person is currently in. Basic dream interpretation starts with being able to identify the important features of a dream.

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